So we just finished our 2nd home study! It was a breeze! Our social worker came to our home, plopped herself on the couch, talked with me, talked with Erin, talked with both of us...and we were done! It pretty much involved questions about how we were raised, how we were disciplined growing up, how we planned on dealing with the interracial part of all of this, etc... We were completely relaxed and felt great about how it went. And even though we'd cleaned our house so it was spotless, she never looked at the rest of the house (nor did she accept our offer for cinnamon rolls and coffee (Rwandan coffee, even). =O)

So we just have one more home study visit that we'll get done on our way back from Ohio next week (we leave tomorrow FOR Ohio).

We also have been working on more paperwork, of course! We had our physicals yesterday. I've taken the vaccination for Heb B, so the blood results showed that I had a higher level than normal of whatever it is related to Hep B that they look for. So it looks bad on the report. But my doctor also explained on the report that it was because of the vaccine that the results showed this, so I think we're okay - but I'll probably have to have another test done to prove that I do not, in fact, have Hep B!

The picture I've attached is from our trip to Panama City Beach (BigStuf) with our youth group. They had a children's choir there from Kenya. Kenya actually is right next to Rwanda, so when I saw these kids run out and start to do their songs, I bawled like a baby! Seriously. Tears running down my cheeks and a constant lump in my throat. It's one thing to see pictures, but to actually see these kids who look exactly like what your kid is going to look like, in person - it totally blew me away. I've actually got some video too...maybe I'll try to post that as well. Very, very cool.

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