We head out first thing Wednesday morning for Colorado and "Best 8 Days"!!! It's a college-age Christian retreat that my parents run...that I've been going to for 20-some years now. It's home. And I can't wait...especially since Erin's coming with me now!!!

For some reason, I seem to hear God better out there. Seriously. Years ago, this trip was where He told us He wanted us to move from Indiana to South Carolina. We were stubborn on that one, but He was quite insistent and we've never regretted it! A few years later, it was during B8D that He moved me out of youth ministry into worship and college-age ministry. Kind of threw me for a loop there, but I LOVE what I do. And last years trip was when God convinced us to adopt from Rwanda. Sheesh. Didn't see that one coming.

At least He doesn't ever tell us to do anything crazy or life-altering out there. Oh wait...

Maybe it's the clean air. Or maybe it's the higher elevation - being literally closer to God (okay...He's everywhere, so that's not it). Or maybe it's the breath-taking beauty that makes Him so evident. Or the fact that we have such awesome leaders and friends out there.

Or maybe it's none of those things. The truth is, I'm pretty sure God does not speak in a louder voice in Colorado than He does in South Carolina...or anywhere else for that matter. I just listen better there. Why?

Best 8 is designed to help you connect with God. He's the focus of your whole day, from the very moment you get up to when your head hits the pillow again...which of course is how our everyday life is supposed to look too...it's just that our everyday life is noisier and we're not so good at really making Him the focus). At Best 8, you're surrounded with people who are doing the same. Great, theological conversations are had...much deeper than your average day in "the real world." Heck, we've had people get baptized the day we our caravan reaches camp.

So I hear God better there, because I listen better there.

To be honest, I get a little nervous going out there these days. God seems to shake our lives up pretty radically at this camp. I can't even fathom what He would bring to the table this year. I mean, we'll be adding two Rwandan orphans to our family by the of the year (we hope!), so I'm not sure how much more change we could handle!

Or maybe He'll just spend the time encouraging us and giving us and extra dose of patience as we wait. =O) That would be nice. And needed.

FYI, we are now 4 1/2 months into the 7-9 month waiting period for approval from Rwanda. Nothing has really changed time-line wise or financially. We're just...waiting...fairly patiently.

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