I'm not sure that Erin believe's it, but she is going to be an incredible mom to our two kids. How do I know?

  • Erin is an incredible woman of God. She strives daily to be transformed. To grow and be stretched. To do whatever it takes to follow Christ, no matter how hard it is or what it looks like to the world. What a GREAT example to our kids!
  • Her priorities are right. God first. Family second. That may sound harsh to some of you, but it's Biblical and good, I promise! And again, a GREAT example to our kids.
  • She knows what matters and what doesn't. She doesn't get sucked into materialistic thinking and knows (and exemplifies) the importance of spending our time, energy and money on others rather than ourselves.
  • She has a great mothers instinct. I've seen it in how she takes care of other people's kids...it's kind of unexplainable, but it's definitely there. It's something God puts in women that He doesn't put in men...like a sixth sense or something. She'll be a great mom because God equipped her to be one.
  • She's stronger than she thinks she is.
  • Erin gives her best at everything she does. And when she's doing something that she truly believes is making a difference in someone's life, there's no stopping her. I think she'll surprise herself...
  • The love that Erin will (without question) give to these kids will always be unconditional and strong. Love is the underlying motive behind everything she does.
  • Erin is beautiful. Okay, so that doesn't make her a good mom, but I thought I'd point it out because it's what I was thinking about.
  • Erin will, without question, keep me and our marriage a priority (right under God). She will always put the work into our marriage that a marriage requires...our kids need to see that.
  • She knows when to relax and just be plain goofy. Trust me...it's true. And I think it's an important trait for parents to embrace.
  • She also knows when and how to lay down the law. She will most definitely discipline our kids when they need it. And they will need it.
I cannot wait to see Erin embrace the role of mom. I can't wait to see her as she plays, laughs with, and teaches our kids. I believe there is a part of her spirit that will awaken as she becomes a little more of who she was created to be.

It will be exhausting and hard. And there will be a lot of times that she feels incredibly ill-equipped to do this. But this is a role she's taking on because God called her to it and I believe with all my heart that He will give her the strength she needs. I know that she will be an amazing mom!!! I trust her. I love her. I need her.

I can't wait!

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