(from Erin)

So, at this point it would be really easy for us to be discouraged and frustrated. Most people that hear the details about our adoption process would quickly give us permission to gripe about things not going the way we thought they would go.

The wait has been longer (when we started the process we thought we would be home by now with our children). And at this point we have at least a few more months to wait before we hear from the Rwandan government with our approval. If everything takes too long then we will have to begin to redo some of our paperwork because it will expire, which would also mean extra expenses. When we began on this journey we thought for sure our children would be home with us by the holidays. Now we are coming to terms with the fact that we will more than likely not travel until after the first of the year.

But even with all of the things that seem to be not "going our way" we are still trying to focus on the bigger picture. To remember that God is in control and His plan is WAY better than any plan that our simple little minds could come up with. Even though it feels like there is no progress being made we remember that God is always working on our behalf. He never sleeps or tires, He cares about the things that we care about. He has called us on this journey and we need to trust in His perfect timing. On bad days where we long for our kids to be here with us we remember that we can't even being to comprehend all of the details that God is working out to help us bring our children home.

I think it is easy to be impatient, wanting to take matters into our own hands and make things happen in our timing. I have been reminded a lot lately to "lift my eyes," to keep the focus on God rather than all of the circumstances around me. To trust in His timing and to know how perfect His plan for us is. To remember that no matter how hard things here on earth may be, no matter how important they may be, this earth is temporary. What a gift it is to even get the chance to be parents and love children that need a loving home in this brief time we are given here on earth. And we need to see the gift that each day is, even if the circumstances of the day are not what we hoped they would be.

So, as hard as things have been these last few weeks we will keep looking at the bigger picture. Enjoying the time we have as a couple as we prepare for the adventure of parenthood. We would appreciate your continued prayers as we wait. Pray for our children, that God will continue to prepare their hearts to be part of our family. Pray for our finances as we head into what will hopefully the home stretch with fund raising. We will be posting some simple, inexpensive ways that you can chip in to help out with the rest of our adoption expenses...look for a post in a few weeks!

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