We might have the most amazing kids on the planet.

We got them this at 8 this morning and returned them at 6. That time in between was literally spent solely on either riding in the bus, standing beside the bus, or waiting in lines. Not exactly what you'd dream of for one of maybe 2 trips in your life outside the orphanage. But our kids were incredible. Never got fussy. Ellie never tried getting down even once, despite the fact that there was nothing for her to do and was hot.

Unfortunately, Ellie was also sick. She had a pretty severe fever when we got her this morning which went down eventually, so she was just cuddly. Didn't really even play all that much, and it took a lot to get her smiling today. Poor little girl. She did fall asleep on her mama's lap so that was an extra special part of the day for Erin.

Elijah needed a chance just to run around and be a boy, but never got the chance. He took a couple of hard naps during the day and spent the rest of the time giggling and putting toys on our heads. =O) So enjoyable to see so many smiles and giggles from our little guy!

The coolest thing of the day was standing before the judge, holding Ellie. He read a bunch of stuff in Kinyarwandan, I signed a couple of things, and then he looked up at me said, "Rosette is yours." Ahhhh.... (Rosette is the name Ellie was given at the orphanage)

Extremely wiped out from today. Not so much because of the kids, but mostly because of our schedule. Our whole group is exhausted...and we'll get back up and pull out at 6:10 tomorrow morning! Slowly making progress. It's long and confusing, but we're (ONLY because of God!) basically on schedule. Thank you for your prayers! Erin has been sick all day so please pray that she wakes up feeling refreshed and healthy tomorrow. We love you all!

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