We did not get the final document today that we needed in order to take the kids out of the orphanage for good. Once again, we drove back to the orphanage and had to say goodbye. It is so confusing for the older children. A couple of days ago, Ellie was sad when we showed back up to the orphanage to drop her off...she was whimpering as we pulled up. But the last couple of days, I think she's just figured that we're going to keep doing this - visiting with them all day and taking them out only to return them and leave them. It seems as if she thinks that this is just how it's always going to be. It's incredibly confusing and difficult on us and the kids.

WE NEED YOUR PRAYERS. Tomorrow will be a very long and important day. We will get up around 5, go get the children, and then spend the day traveling all over Kigali. Most of it will be waiting, in or near the bus, with 11 kids who are not getting the naps they're used to or an actual lunch. I won't go into details, but there are many things that have to fall in place tomorrow in order for us to get our children back into the US before our immigration paperwork expires. We are begging for your prayers and we know that God is FAITHFUL.

Please pray for every last detail to go smoothly and within the timeframe it needs to happen in. Please pray for all the children to be calm and to behave tomorrow, despite the difficult circumstances. Please pray for patience on the parents behalf. Please pray for our guide (Peter) for wisdom and favor. Please pray for the Minister of Family and Gender to sign our documents in the morning, that we'll then be able to very quickly make the stop to pick up the children's passports, and that we'll make it to the US embassy in time enough for them to work on our immigration paperwork (or at least be a little flexible and gracious with us).

And please pray that by this time tomorrow, we will be CELEBRATING (with our kids) the end of an exhausting process.

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