We'll fill you all in later, but GOD ANSWERED ALL THE PRAYERS! It was NOT easy, but we got all the paperwork done and THE KIDS ARE OURS!!! They will be staying with us tonight for the first time.

The only negative was that our children had an extremely exhausting and emotional day. Poor things didn't get their naps times. At the orphanage they are on a VERY strict routine...which is killing us now. They are used to TWO very long naps, so you can imagine the difficulties we had. As I speak, ELLIE is SCREAMING her head off (Elijah finally konked out). Ellie now has the opportunity to sleep, but is fighting it with everything within her. She's almost 4 - all you parents out there know what it's like trying to get your kid to take a nap when they really don't want to. Now imagine having just met them, throwing them into chaos and not being able to communicate with them at ALL. We can't explain ANYTHING to her and she can't explain anything to us. It really is like taking care of an infant in some ways, but much harder.

Oh great...Erin just turned on the TV and she instantly stopped crying. Backstreet Boys. Ha!

Oh well. We'll figure it out...and besides, they're ours! And since it took so long to get this posted, I'm happy to report that Ellie is finally sleeping! Hoping to post pictures soon!

Thank you for your prayers!!!!

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