We are finally HOME!!! Can't tell you how good it is to NOT be stuck in a hospital room.

Ellie started her 4 TB meds before we left the hospital last night. All but one stayed down so we are hoping she does better with them today with a little more food in her stomach.

She is a happy girl this morning...just talking and walking around the house playing with toys. She is like a different kid knowing she can just go where she wants and play with whatever she wants to. She was especially thankful that she didn't have to get the tube put down her nose this morning and that her IV is finally out of her arm. Her stomach is a little upset from the medication and her neck is sore from the needle biopsy but none of that seems to be bothering her too much since she feels so free!

Elijah has had a rough time not being home too. He never slept well in the hotel room and definitely couldn't wait to get home. It is 8:20am and he is still sleeping...think that's a record for him.

Not excited that Ellie has to take 4 medications for 6 months but after all of the things we saw at the children's hospital we are so thankful that she has something treatable. There have been times this week where we have felt exhausted and overwhelmed but it helps to know that she is now on the way to getting better. We had amazing doctors and nurses which made this whole experience as comfortable as possible. We are still all pretty worn out so we are hoping for a few days of rest and refreshing. Thank you all for your encouragement and prayers...they have helped us through a very difficult time. Please keep praying for Ellie since the road to recovery will be long, filled with lots of meds and doctors visits.

Here are a few pictures I took with my camera on my phone (thus the poor quality). One is of Elijah praying with the Beaumont girls who were kind enough to make the trip up to Charleston to visit Ellie. Yes, he's a silly one. One is of Erin trying to feed the kids in the hospital room...not the easiest thing in the world to do. And the other two are of Ellie and Erin doing the tube through the nose and down the throat procedure on her dolls that Ellie had to have every morning.

Oh, and there's a video of Ellie and Erin dancing to the TV. =O)

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