For those of you still watching this episode of "House"...

We are home.  And very, very glad for it.  Nothing like spontaneously leaving your home for a few days and sleeping in a hospital fold-out chair to make you appreciate home!  We are so blessed to have the Vaughn family, who traveled with us to Rwanda and adopted two kids of their own, living in Charleston!  They took us in so we didn't have to pay for a hotel room.  They took Elijah for half a day, feeding him, bathing him and putting him to bed.  And perhaps of equal significance, they brought us a HUGE basket full of food and drinks for our stay.  Very, very grateful for them, and for ALL the amazing friends and family checking in on us constantly and praying...especially the Beaumont family for helping out with Elijah so Jeremiah could get some work done before leaving for the hospital!  Don't know what we'd do without them!  THANK YOU!  We are forever grateful!

THE SCOOP:  We're waiting for several lab results, most of which will take a week or so, and one that will take about 6 weeks.  So we still don't have a lot of answers, but the infectious disease doctor has ruled out cancer and is pretty sure it's not TB again.  So...that's good!  There are still some very serious possibilities, but the mostly likely scenario still seems to be that it's a TB-like bacteria that's affecting her body in a way they're not used to seeing.  Some of the tests being run are to check if her immune system is working properly, or if there's a deficiency there.

Regardless, if you're reading this and thinking "Ummm...I was around her a lot...could this be contagious?" relax.  You're good.  =D

In a few weeks, she'll likely start taking several medications, but certainly nothing we're not used to!  We are hopeful and we are trusting the Creator of the Universe no matter what.

Scars and struggles on the way, but with joy our hearts can say:  Never once did we ever walk alone.  Never once did You leave us on our own.  You are faithful, God, You are faithful!

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